Case study: Alison Bartlett

Finding (and buying) the dream holiday home

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Alison Bartlett wanted to buy a beachside holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula, but wasn't sure how much she could reasonably spend. She contacted Liston Newton who analysed her financials and guided through each step of the lending and purchasing process.

Alison's problem

While Alison's dream was to purchase a holiday home, she needed financial clarity as well as repayment options to ensure the amount she spent would not impact her other expenses.

How we helped

We stepped Alison through multiple repayment scenarios and servicing calculations to determine how much she could responsibly spend on a new holiday home. 

Once Alison was comfortable, we prepared her home loan application, sourcing the best interest rates and loan structures. We guided Alison through key decisions and helped secure her deposit using equity from her primary home.

The results

Alison now treats her family to regular holiday getaways on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Services we provided Alison

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