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Expert advice from franchise accountants

If you're buying a franchise, you need to get professional advice to ensure you're getting a good deal. We can analyse all the details of your franchise agreement to ensure that all aspects of your transaction run smoothly.

Franchise advice

Initial assessments

Due diligence

Assessing the franchise model

Price and royalties evaluations

Ongoing accounting services

Accounting services for franchises

Learn more about your business with our comprehensive guides

At Liston Newton Advisory, we take pride in helping business owners get more out of their hard work. Our downloadable guides can give you an in-depth look at strategies and technologies that will help your business grow.

  • Discover tax strategies and business structures available to you
  • Understand and apply new business management technology
  • Get in touch with us for information tailored to your business

Choose the franchise accountants trusted by the banks

Wealth of experience

Unrivalled experience

We are on the franchise valuation panels of NAB and ANZ, and we've prepared over 1,000 franchise valuations for the banks.

Full range of services

Full range of services

We provide a wide range of accounting and financial advisory services. Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them.

Long term client relationships

Long-term partnerships

We don't just do your initial assessment and due diligence, we can provide ongoing accounting to help you grow your business.

Leading industry innovation

Leading innovation

We are at the forefront of innovation in the accounting industry. We use the latest technology and software to help our clients grow.

Our work for franchises

Cloud accounting for Pandora

Peter Luskan from Pandora came to us when he were about to open two new locations. They had been using a spreadsheet and a cloud based payroll system to run their company accounts. Using this system was not efficient for three franchise locations, so we helped them move to online accounting with Xero.

Moving to Xero let the business owners run and manage the books for all three locations in less time than they previously spent running the single location. Xero also opened up other efficiencies for them, such as being able to use Deputy, an online staff management tool which syncs with Xero software.

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About us

Our team of franchise accountants has a huge amount of experience in providing franchise advice. We're one of the few accountants on the franchise valuation panels of NAB and ANZ.

If you're buying a franchise, you need to ensure you're getting a good deal. We can check every detail of your franchise agreement and make sure it's in your interests.

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Kieran Liston, Director | Consultant

We offer in-person or virtual accounting and financial services

Our business is making sure your business thrives, and we aim to make our financial and business advisory services are as accessible as possible. With several offices dotted across Australia, we’ll happily welcome you in for a coffee and a face-to-face meeting. We can also accommodate remote meetings, should you prefer them. If you’re interested in shaking hands with the team, below are some of our most popular services offered at our NSW, VIC and QLD locations.

Expertise you can trust

We've been doing this for a long time, and we have industry leading qualifications and accreditations to show for it. Learn more from a specialised business accountant.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the fair value of a franchise?

Valuing a franchise is a complex process, and there is a huge number of factors which we need to consider. Fortunately for our clients, we have unrivalled experience in this area. We have valued over 1,000 franchises for NAB and ANZ, which means we can tell you with certainty what a franchise is really worth.

Are the royalty amounts market value?

Buying a franchise gives you the advantage of brand recognition and working within an established and successful business structure. However, you also need to consider the royalties you will have to pay to the head office.

As experts in franchise agreements and valuations, we can advise you on whether the royalty amounts represent good value for you.

Is the franchise agreement fair?

The details of your franchise agreement are incredibly important, and they can have a big impact on the success or failure of your business.

As part of your due diligence, we can review all the details of your franchise agreement and advise you on whether it is beneficial for you or not.

How much work will I have to do as the business owner?

Your work doesn't stop when you've purchased your franchise. The most successful franchisees are those who take a hands-on and active role in their business.

You should also consider your long-term business goals, including whether you will buy another franchise and your eventual exit strategy. We can help plan and achieve your long-term business success.

Connect with a franchise accountant

If you're buying a franchise, we can help you look before you leap.

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