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Making smart, long-term financial decisions prior to selling a business

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When Claudia Martin was approached to sell her food distribution business, she wanted to ensure she got the right financial advice to plan the next stage of her life. Claudia wanted to engage with an adviser that could integrate long-term financial planning, investment advice and tax effective structuring.

Claudia's problem

After agreeing to sell her business in 2023, Claudia Martin approached Liston Newton with a need for holistic financial advice across investments, tax and retirement planning. Claudia wanted to minimise the tax bill from her business sale, and then use the remaining sale proceeds to invest for her retirement. Claudia wanted an adviser who could provide the knowledge and security to plan long-term.

How we helped

Working in collaboration with Liston Newton’s tax specialists, our financial advice team was able to assist Claudia in utilising the small business CGT concessions to pay no tax on her business sale, whilst simultaneously topping up her superannuation by $500,000. 

We then set up a bucket company for Claudia to invest the remaining business sale proceed, and provided investment advice to match her life goals with the right investment allocation. Liston Newton guided Claudia on the right investments and set up the brokerage accounts to execute the trades.

The results

By engaging Liston Newton advisory, Claudia was able to sell her business tax free, and simultaneously set up an investment portfolio that is optimised for her life goals and placed within a tax effective structure. 

Our personal financial modelling showed Claudia what her asset position will look at age 60 (when she can access super) which gave her the confidence that her retirement plans are on track. We also projected her position until life expectancy and concluded Claudia should be able to comfortably increase her current annual expenditure if she wants to. 

"Working with Liston Newton’s Financial Advice team has been a truly professional experience. They took the time to consider each aspect of my financial life, from tax structures through to investment choices – and made suggestions I hadn’t even considered. I’m truly grateful for their advice and look forward to working together for many years to come."
Claudia Martin

Services we provided Claudia

Set yourself up for retirement with long-term financial planning advice

The team at Liston Newton Advisory can provide bespoke financial advice based on your situation and help you plan for the future.

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