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12x revenue growth and steady business expansion

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Founded in Melbourne by Kate Nixon, Kat The Label designs and makes women’s lingerie and sleepwear sets. Kate has successfully scaled the business from a sole trader to an international eCommerce and retail business with eight employees.

Kat The Label's problem

After starting Kat The Label as a sole trader, Kate Nixon approached Liston Newton Advisory with a desire to partner with an Accounting and Financial Services business that could provide holistic advice to help grow her business and her family’s wealth. 

Kat The Label was growing quickly, and she needed an accounting service that could scale up with her.  

How we helped

Working with Liston Newton’s advisers, Kat The Label was restructured to a company and trust to allow for maximum tax efficiency and flexibility. Kate met with Liston Newton quarterly to set goals and KPI’s, review past performance and implement financial modelling to forecast profit and cashflow into the future. 

Kate also worked with the Financial Advice team to set up an investment portfolio in a tax effective bucket company, and with the Lending team to source the best home loans and investment loans.

Impact on the business

Since commencing working with Liston Newton in 2019, Kat The Label’s revenue is 12x larger and the business operates in both Australia and the USA.  Liston Newton has assisted Kate in scaling her business in a tax effective way, whilst also helping to educate Kate on the importance of financial management of the business through financial modelling and forecasting.

Liston Newton continues to help Kate build wealth outside the business with the implementation and management of investment portfolios and properties.

"Liston Newton has given me really helpful guidance over the years for both my business and my personal finances. When you have an accounting team that you trust to give the right advice, it gives you the confidence to focus on growing your business and doing the things you love."
Kate Nixon

Services we provided Kat The Label

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