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Accounting for professional services

We understand the unique challenges that come with accounting for professional services. Our accountants can provide you with sound advice on handling a number of financial challenges.

We've served as accountants for lawyers, PR firms, and design agencies with financial obstacles in the way of business growth. Our professionals can handle your bookkeeping and financials to help your business grow.

Choose Liston Newton as your dedicated financial consultants, and we'll come to you. Our professionals will come up with a tailored 3-5 year growth plan to improve your business's gross profit margin.

Accounting for professional services

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At Liston Newton Advisory, we take pride in helping business owners get more out of their hard work. Our downloadable guides can give you an in-depth look at strategies and technologies that will help your business grow.

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Accountants who understand professional services

Wealth of experience

Industry experience

For over 40 years we've provided accounting for professional services to help them achieve their financial goals.

Full range of services

Our service range

We offer a full range of services to identify any financial obstacles that professional services face.

Long term client relationships

Client partnerships

We'll show you how to quote and invoice jobs correctly which helps promote long-term client partnerships.

Leading industry innovation

Industry innovation

We use the latest financial software and technology to assess your business and develop strong financial strategies.

Our work with the consulting industry

Dennis Price & Miller Consulting Group

We met with DPM to discuss their desired profit expectations for the future. We referenced business benchmarking, detailed P&L and Balance Sheet reviews in these meetings.

We developed a 5 year business plan that focused on their staff, culture, mission, and values. DPM utilised their new business plan at the next annual general meeting and saw company profits double from 2016-2018.

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About us

At Liston Newton Advisory, we have extensive experience working with professional services. We understand how to identify and overcome financial obstacles that are common with your industry.

Our dedicated team of experts will help you plan for long-term financial growth and profitability.

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Kieran Liston, Director | Adviser

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We've been doing this for a long time, and we have industry leading qualifications and accreditations to show for it. Learn more from a specialised business accountant.

Frequently asked questions

Where are my profits?

Sometimes profit and loss might show your business has made good profits for the year, but there is no cash in the business for the owner to draw down on. In most cases, this cash is all tied up in your accounts receivable. Accounting for professional services can help identify issues like this.

What rate should I be charging by services out at?

Business owners in the professional services industry are always trying to work out what rate they should charge their services out at.

Without doing a full analysis of the business and its associated running costs, it is very hard to determine what this rate should be. We often find that businesses are charging out their services far too cheaply.

What are my business requirements around employee superannuation, WorkCover, leave entitlements, and payroll tax?

Employee requirements is another question we get asked a lot, especially from new businesses that aren't large enough to warrant an in house accountant.

The more important aspect of this is the real cost of hiring another staff member. It isn’t only the wage cost you need to consider, the additional costs of super, annual leave, WorkCover, and payroll tax should be considered when making the decision of whether or not to hire additional staff.

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