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October 4, 2019
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Find out what it means to be a Xero Platinum Partner, and what this means for you

Xero is cloud-based accounting software that provides easy, direct connections for accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners to their business data.

It’s a powerful platform that streamlines the accounting process, providing real-time account information and makes invoicing and business accounting easier. It’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest-growing accounting platforms in Australia.

And we love it.

For expert business accounting advice and solutions, get in touch with Liston Newton Advisory today.

What is a Xero Platinum Partner?

A Xero Platinum Partner is an official ranking appointed by Xero which promotes their recommended partners who are experts in Xero's cloud-based accounting technology.

It recognises accounting businesses that have embraced Xero, and who are best placed to assist small business owners with getting the most out of their Xero subscription.

Xero Partner levels

Platinum isn’t the only Partner status a firm can achieve. Xero also awards Starter, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Partners statuses.

How it works

Xero allocates points as part of their partner program, with certain point levels corresponding to the Partner status.

These points involve a number of factors, and are weighted to reflect the complexity of the Xero files used. These include metrics like:

  • The number of clients who use Xero
  • The applications related to Xero which the Partner uses
  • The amount of Xero training and certifications the Partner has acquired
  • The Xero features the Partner utilises for their clients.

The key services a Xero Platinum Partner provides

A Xero Platinum Partner status means that the firm is better suited to providing in-depth, technical Xero support to its clients.

These services include:

  • Advising on whether the business is suited to Xero
  • Setting up Xero correctly
  • Migrating the business’s data into Xero accounting
  • Advising the business on how to get the most out of Xero's features
  • Training the business and its staff on how to integrate Xero into their processes
  • Advising on the range of Xero add-ons, and which applications work best with Xero
  • Keeping users up to date with Xero’s latest developments and feature releases

Why a business owner should consider looking for a Xero Platinum Partner

Changing accounting software is not a small undertaking. It involves a lot of work, and can be fraught if done incorrectly. Businesses can face significant disruption and downtime. If you choose to change your software, you want to make sure it’s done the right way, so it pays to get the right advice and support when doing so.

Xero has set up the Platinum Partner system to help business owners quickly identify qualified advisers with genuine experience and a deep level of knowledge in Xero. The Platinum Partner status verifies that a large proportion of the adviser’s client base uses Xero, and that the adviser has undertaken significant training in the platform—so it’s not just given out to anyone.

Xero invests significant amounts of money into research and development, so they’re constantly refining and updating their software, and releasing new features. A Xero Platinum Partner enjoys the privilege of working closely with Xero, attending Xero events and education sessions, to ensure they’re across all the latest developments.

So choosing a Xero Platinum Partner means that you’re working with an adviser who knows Xero intimately, and who has been hand-picked by the platform itself to provide advice and support on how to use their technology.

Why Liston Newton Advisory became a Xero Platinum Partner

In 2013, Liston Newton decided to adopt Xero as our preferred accounting technology platform. This was due to the large advancements Xero had been making in its features, and the ease of use it provided to business owners. Within 18 months we became a certified Xero Platinum Partner.

We use Xero for our own business, and many of its add-ons, because Xero is the clear leader in the market.

We love Xero because it was the first truly cloud-based software platform. Its competitors, like MYOB and Reckon, were built for desktop computers, which required installation on a computer or server, and needed updating every year. Xero accelerated past these platforms, with a cloud-based solution that could be accessed anyway.

In our opinion, these other platforms still haven’t caught up to Xero. Xero spends millions of dollars on their research and development, so they’re in a constant state of getting better and better.

While we can’t guarantee they will always be the best (you can never truly predict the nature of advancements in technology), they’re certainly far ahead of the competition at this point in time. That's why we’ll continue to use and recommend Xero above all others.

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