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Our business coaching leads to a 90% increase in profitability

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Quality Energy was established in 1989 and is a leading supplier of industrial power quality and efficiency solutions. By working with Liston Newton Advisory, Quality Energy has increased profitability by 90 per cent. This improvement in profit levels means the business owners are now ready to secure a home loan when they find the right property.

Quality Energy's problem

The business owners wanted to buy a home in Melbourne's inner city, but the bank wouldn't lend them the money due to the way their business was set up and running.

To convince the banks, Holly West and Luke Stratford needed to demonstrate enough stability and profitability to service the mortgage.

How we helped

Liston Newton Advisory improved efficiency in the business by delegating the bookkeeping to Bigger Fish. Moving the company to Xero accounting software allowed access to business performance data and automation of manual accounting tasks. Liston Newton Advisory conducted quarterly coaching meetings to get clear on Quality Energy's business strategy.

During these meetings, Quality Energy was benchmarked against other businesses in the same industry, to see where improvements could be made. One of the major changes was to the average hourly rate across employees. In one year, this rate improved dramatically.

Impact on the business

With our help, Quality Energy was able to increase their business profitability by 90 per cent in the last year of our business coaching. Automating time consuming, manual tasks and delegating the bookkeeping work dramatically improved efficiency and gave Holly and Luke the time they needed to truly work on their business.

"Liston Newton Advisory have given us the clarity we needed to grow our business. We can now easily prioritise our areas of focus knowing what our end goal is. The quarterly business coaching has been invaluable to Holly and myself"
Luke Stratford

Services we provided Quality Energy

Automate and get coaching to improve your business profitability

If you would like to automate your manual accounting and bookkeeping tasks, talk to Liston Newton Advisory today. We can also find ways to increase profits in your business through tailored coaching.

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