Liston Newton Advisory shortlisted for sector’s most prestigious awards.

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IFA Excellence Awards 2018
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July 31, 2018
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In what has been a year of tremendous growth and change, Liston Newton Advisory are honoured to be shortlisted as finalists for the 2018 ifa Excellence Awards.

Don't like reading? Cut to the chase and speak to a Business Accountant now. The fifth annual ifa Excellence Awards recognisebest practice in the Financial Advice industry and celebrates independentlyminded and client-centric advisers and firms across the country.

Liston Newton Advisory has been nominatedfor two awards:  Innovative Company of the Year and Holistic Advisor of the Year (John Liston). 

The nominations have recognised ListonNewton Advisory’s innovative 3-step methodology ‘GetSet, Get Moving, Get Free’ which has seen clients achieve fantasticresults since being implemented late last year.

“We’re really honoured to be recognised withthese nominations” said John Liston, Director of Liston Newton Advisory.   

“A lot of hard work and energy has goneinto refining our approach and developing a methodology that sets us apart withinthe financial services industry.”   

 “We’ve been in the business of helping otherambitious businesses grow for over 40 years, so we’re at a huge advantage inbeing able to identify patterns and frameworks that give our clients that bestchance of financial success.”

The ifa Excellence Awards is the onlyprogram benchmarking the success of the independent financial advicesector. 

“Theifa Excellence Awards is the pinnacle of events for the nation’s independentfinancial advice sector,” said Aleks Vickovich, managing editor of ifa.

“This year’s finalists are among the topfinancial professionals in Australia and have been selected on the basis ofhigh performance.”

“Their involvement in this program singlesthem out as a high-quality financial advice practitioner that has the bestinterests of clients at the very centre of their business.”  

“On behalf of the team, I’d like tocongratulate all of this year’s finalists. We look forward to celebrating withyou soon.”

The winners will be announced on Friday, 7September 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Sydney.

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