Sunny Amatya


Sunny is Liston Newton’s Wealth Associate in the Financial Planning Team. Sunny has two Business bachelor’s degrees from RMIT majoring in Accountancy and Financial Planning. His experience in the financial planning world focused on complex advice in boutique firms and he also had the honour of being selected to join the Financial Planning Association of Australia’s Emerging Professionals Committee after completing university.

Sunny found Financial Planning as a pathway to follow his mother’s footsteps into the education industry, combined with his passion of the finance world and delights in educating his clients on the value a tailored strategy can bring in the short, medium, and long term.

Sunny worked as a croupier for six years and enjoys travelling to play a hand of blackjack in different casinos but is found happiest curled up with a Tom Sharpe novel, listening to Robbie Williams and drinking spiced rum.


Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) – RMIT
Bachelor of (Financial Planning) – RMIT

Areas of expertise

“After every storm comes a sunny day - but I still own an umbrella.”
Sunny Amatya
Wealth Associate

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