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Steady growth and improvement over more than 25 years in the industry

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Cambridge Plumbing was established in 1990. They work in the construction and development industry on luxury homes, residential developments, industrial and commercial projects within Melbourne. Cambridge Plumbing began with one employee and has grown to now have 38 full-time employees, 23 contractors and a solid reputation in the industry.

Cambridge Plumbing's Problem

Brett Marshall needed help to structure his business in a way that would help retain high-quality staff by offering career development opportunities within the company. He needed to make sure he chose and kept the right staff members to keep up the high service standards of the business.

Brett also needed help with managing the cash flow and financing to fund business growth and cover overheads. He wanted to build wealth, establish a trust fund and protect his assets.

How we helped

Liston Newton Advisory helped Brett to restructure his company to solve his staffing challenges. His cash flow and compliance concerns have been addressed with Liston Newton Advisory looking after his bookkeeping, tax compliance, and financial forecasting needs.

We have helped Brett to create wealth, set up a trust fund and allocate assets.

Impact on the business

With the help of Liston Newton Advisory, Brett has been able to structure his company in a way that encourages the career development of his staff members. For example, Cambridge Plumbing's General Manager David Warnes started at the company as an apprentice over 15 years ago, while 75 per cent of their supervising foremen also started as apprentices.

"Trust is a really big thing for me, and the fact that I can have great trust in Liston Newton Advisory and their staff has given me the confidence to grow my business."
Cambridge Plumbing

Services we provided Cambridge Plumbing

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With Liston Newton Advisory doing your books, you never have to worry about tax compliance again, leaving you with more time for business growth.

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