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An award-winning Australian accounting firm

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Exceed your goals with award-winning Melbourne accountants

For over 40 years, Melbourne’s most ambitious business owners have trusted us to guide them towards and beyond their goals. They’ve rewarded our success with long-lasting partnerships. If you’re looking for personalised accounting advice, then Liston Newton’s accountants in Melbourne are only too happy to help.

Why don’t we start with a coffee? Step into our CBD office for a consultation, and let’s discuss how we can design a personalised plan of action to get your business on track. You’ll find us on the corner of Flinders Lane and Queen Street. Public transport in the city is a breeze; if you’re driving, you’ll find plenty of street parking, but we recommend Secure Parking at 367 Collins Street. Of course, we can also arrange a virtual consultation if you’d prefer.

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Street parking on Queen St and Flinders Ln. Secure Parking at 367 Collins Street.

What can we say? We’ve too many experts for just one office.

What makes Liston Newton a powerful financial partner isn’t just the depth of our knowledge, but the breadth of it, too. That’s why we have two Melbourne offices: one in the city, and one in the inner-city suburb of Malvern. Depending on your goals, we’ve got a specialist on staff who can see it through.

While their proximity makes it easy enough to organise in-person meetings, our Malvern team are also always available for virtual meetings. In fact, all of our national offices are. If you’ve branches around Australia, or are planning an expansion, we can still offer you localised Liston Newton expertise.

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(03) 9069 2607
Business hours

Monday to Friday

8am to 5pm


Client parking on Stanhope St. 2h parking on Glenferrie Rd and Stanhope St.

Accounting services available in Melbourne

Our Melbourne CBD accountants offer an array of professional services for small and medium-sized businesses. Whatever your goals, we’ll discern a clear and actionable path towards them.

When Liston Newton started with ReAqua, they hit the ground running, implementing changes to the business and the automation of the finance function. Their ability to take on feedback and adapt to the requests from key stakeholders has led to the business consistently improving monthly board meetings. We have found Liston Newton to be a great sounding board, and they are always available to brainstorm ideas or answer questions our business has.
Donald Fraser
CEO, Reaqua Solar Pumping
Liston Newton's Accountants analysed our financial and business situation and helped us implement strategies to improve our position. Their strategies turned our business from making a loss, to recording a 6-month net profit of 36 per cent. And we are now on track to show a 240 per cent increase in turnover over the next financial year.
Lisa Clarke
SL Constructions
Liston Newton helped us move our accounting over to Xero. Their Accountant managed the set up and training so we felt comfortable with the software. We now have all our processes streamlined which gives us improved visibility of our business performance. This has allowed us to open 2 more stores without a significant increase in administration effort.
Peter Luskan
Secure long-term success with growth-focused accountancy
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Strategic accountancy for short and long-term improvement

We aim to provide you and all of Melbourne’s businesses with the expertise you need to optimise your business and grow. To do that, we’ll create a personalised plan that delivers short-term wins while advancing long-term strategies.

At our initial consultation, we’ll help you break down the issues your business is facing and sketch out a rough plan of attack. After every meeting, you’ll know your next steps and leave more confident in what your future holds.

Accountant responsibilities

  • Financial planning and internal financial reporting
  • BAS returns and regulatory financial statements
  • ASIC compliance
  • Business tax returns
  • Inventory management
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Financial analysis and advisory

Learn more about your business with our comprehensive guides

At Liston Newton Advisory, we take pride in helping business owners get more out of their hard work. Our downloadable guides can give you an in-depth look at strategies and technologies that will help your business grow.

  • Discover tax strategies and business structures available to you
  • Understand and apply new business management technology
  • Get in touch with us for information tailored to your business

Meet the Melbourne team

These are the people who make it all happen. Accountants and Business Advisors are the driving force behind Liston Newton Advisory. And we can even come to your premises to consult with you, so you don't have to spend your time travelling.

Expertise you can trust

Australia’s most experienced and professional accountants — with industry leading qualifications and accreditations to show for it. Learn more from a specialised business accountant.

Why choose us

Our proven method delivers actionable, successful strategies

Businesses are as unique as the individuals who run them. Every client of ours — no matter their industry, wealth status or life stage — receives a personalised strategy to manage their tax accounting and foster their ultimate goals. We have a treasury of success stories spanning Melbourne’s suburbs.

Our Melbourne CBD has played host to business owners from across Melbourne. In the early stages of setting up their business, some need our help with basic bookkeeping; others, ready to expand their empires, need more comprehensive accounting and tax strategies. 

Time and again, our award-winning methods have proven successful by remaining comprehensible, actionable and adaptable. You can expect our help to:

  • Plan efficient tax minimisation strategies
  • Transition your business onto cloud-based accounting with Xero
  • Automate all accounting, including invoicing, supply and payroll processes
  • Schedule monthly meetings to discuss cash flow and KPIs

Browse our comprehensive case studies to see just how invaluable we can be.

Discover financial freedom with our Melbourne accountants

How we get you set

The first phase is all about establishing the fundamentals of your business and creating a strong foundation to build from. You also need to establish your long-term goals so you have a clear idea of what you're working towards.

  • Plan your goals
  • Structure your business and assets
  • Online accounting
  • People and HR
  • Protect your business and personal risk
  • Business and personal will

How we get you moving

The second phase is about gaining a deeper understanding of your business; how to make it more efficient and experience sustainable growth. This is where you transition from working in your business to working on your business.

  • Understand your numbers
  • Delegate bookkeeping
  • Systematise and automate tasks
  • Minimise tax
  • Forecast cashflow and capital needs
  • Quarterly coaching and accountability

How we get you free

The final phase is when all your hard work really starts to pay off. This is when you start using your profits to build your personal worth to a point that give you financial freedom—the freedom to work only if you want to.

  • Understand wealth creation
  • Investment portfolio
  • Investment property
  • Superannuation
  • Succession and exit planning
  • Your legacy

Our Melbourne case studies

Our ties to Melbourne run deeper than just accounting advice

We have a responsibility to Melbourne. We don’t just work in this city — we’ve built our lives here. We want to see its people and businesses thrive. The best way for us to do that is to use our particular skills and expertise to help community initiatives serve Melbournians as best they can.

  • We’re on the Cancer Council’s Small Business Advisory Service for cancer-afflicted business owners
  • We support the Type 1 Foundation, educating communities about type 1 diabetes
  • We fund several local sports teams, strengthening social ties between communities

And that’s just our Melbourne office — each branch has its own list of local and national initiatives and charities they contribute towards. 

Find out how we do things
Image of a team of business accountant reviews

Frequently asked questions

Is Liston Newton an accountant for Melbourne’s small businesses?

Yes, we are. Liston Newton’s Melbourne office makes all of our services available to the city’s small businesses. Whether you’re a sole trader or an employer of dozens, we can solve your accounting worries.

How can I optimise my business’s accounting process?

We strongly recommend upgrading your accounting software to Xero. Their cloud-based platform analyses your bookkeeping in real time to discern valuable accounting insights.

As Xero platinum members, our Melbourne office can help you seamlessly transition your business onto Xero’s platform.

Why is it important to have a Melbourne-based accountant?

The better your accountant understands your business and its context, the more strategic their services can be.

Liston Newton’s Melbourne-based accountants have a keen understanding of the local economy and what it takes to adapt and succeed in today’s environment. With us on your side, we can help your business remain agile to avoid upcoming risks and capitalise on upcoming opportunities.

By humans, for humans

This page was written by people. You wouldn’t think that would need to be plainly stated, but more and more businesses are satisfied cutting corners with tech-written content. Not us. We believe in technology, and we’re excited to see how we can use emerging technologies to improve our services. But we’re keenly aware that our job is to serve people. 

We don’t offer techno-babble to target algorithms. At Liston Newton, we use cutting-edge technology to gather, manage and streamline data for our team to discern people-focused insights. Technology in service of people — the way it should be.